The first entry

So it begins. Nearly three weeks after registration I've submitted the first piece of evidence that indicates theres activity in this project. I've spent most the time contemplating and learning the complexities of gcc while I attempt to build a tool chain. I've been toying with the idea of using uClibc for the C libraries. Why? Mostly to make the most of megabytes. Perhaps I may even want to extend the distro to embedded devices later on. Embedded python. There I said it. I'm curious to see python's interaction with uClibc.

To speed up the development process I will be using Erik's own prebuilt root, while I try and figure out what combinations of variables is causing build_root to fail for me. For the next few days I will be stripping down the root, building python and creating init scripts from what I learned from smoothwall and LFS. Next on the list.. create a better looking website. Logo